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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use student discounts with is teamed up with NHS Student discounts to pamper our vital workers and students. If you’re a registered key worker or student in the UK, you can enjoy extra discounts on traveling with a People Tree by using the special code Student discounts.
Here are the steps to get your NHS Discounts code for
● Visit the NHS Website on your device.
● Now search for the People Tree on the NHS page.
● Explore the list of available options and choose the one that makes your heart sing!
● Tap on the button titles as ‘show my coupon code’.
● Your code will be copied to use further.
● Use this code at the checkout window to get your discount. Isn’t it as easy as cutting a cake!
The best thing is, you are not required to sign up to access codes.
How many discounts are there for the website?
Student discounts codes are unique. You can choose from a variety of offers that suit the best of your needs.

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