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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use NHS discounts with the website?
Well, the process is as easy as cutting a cake. All you need to do is listed below:

Pick out the plan you wish to opt for from and get your code for that. Remember, the discounts offered are listed on the right panel of the screen. You can tap on a button mottled as “open” against your favorite offer.

Once you tap on the button, you will be redirected to the website.

Now choose the item to buy.

On this page, you will get an area to enter the promo code. Enter your code here.

You’re all set to make your purchase at a discounted price.

Alternatively, you can also enter the NHSdiscountscoupon code in the shopping cart area, earlier than checking out.
Does do free delivery?
No. However, the company is running a limited period offer of “Next Day Delivery” for now. Visit the website for more info.
How to redeem NHS staff discounts?
Once you obtain your NHSdiscounts coupon code from the website, you’re all set to make your purchase. Here is how:

Visit the website on your device browser.

Choose the item you would like to purchase from associated menus.

Now tap on the ‘Add To Basket’ button. You can mark multiple products and apply for coupons later.

After completing this step, hit the check-out tab.

Provide the code here and then proceed further by following the prompted instructions on the screen.

Your coupon will be redeemed.

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