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Frequently Asked Questions

Who all are covered in my GAP policy?
If the person driving the vehicle has his name on your policy then he will be covered according to your policy. If the person driving the vehicle has his vehicle insurance, then will not cover that. The name should be there on the GAP policy to get covered.
What is the time duration of the GAP policy?
As most of the policies that you have heard about get renewed on their own yearly or are extended when they are about to get due. This is not the case with GAP policy. They are already of a fixed tenure such as 4 years or 5 years. It is advised to keep the policy for as long as you want to keep the vehicle, though you can't calculate the time period for which you are going to keep the car.

Therefore if you wish to dispose of your car before the policy expires then the pending amount can be adjusted with a new policy on your new vehicle or you can get that amount in cash with a small cancellation fee, which is £35.
Do do NHS discount codes/ voucher codes?
Yes, offers NHS discount codes/ voucher codes.

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